SoRR in flatpak form!

Getting Streets of Rage Remake to run on Windows is fairly easy if you can track down the download for it, but the situation on Linux was a bit messy.

There's packages on Ubuntu PPA, on an Arch User Repository, or you could compile the engine and track down the data files yourself.

I don't run either distribution and well, if I have to compile it I might as well make it portable for others to enjoy as well.

I can't submit it to flathub, so us SoRR fans will have to do with just hosting the files ourselves.

My server is terribly slow and not meant for this, so if you want to mirror the flatpak, please feel free to contact me!

The first link is an order of magnitude faster, only fall back to the one if you can't access the first mirror.

sha256: f4566fbeb32fdd367ad5de8005b8a4e7483c2f3b4db230e7138897086cf577fb

$ flatpak --user install sorr.flatpak

It should automagically install the .desktop file and appear in your system menu as well, but you can also run it straight from the command line:

$ flatpak run nl.broscar.sorr

´╗┐´╗┐Savedata is stored in ~/.var/app/nl.broscar.sorr/data

If your distribution ships with Wayland by default, you're probably better off switching your login session to Xorg for SoRR. Fullscreen is broken in Wayland. It's kinda broken on Xorg too, so if it starts up a garbled mess you can usually resolve that by pressing alt+enter twice.

If you don't trust the pre-built flatpak bundle and wish to build it yourself download & unpack this, download this and shove it in the same directory, but don't extract it, then just read BUILD_INSTRUCTIONS (all caps for style) up to "Run local build". If you decide to go all the way and repackage this into a new .flatpak bundle, please change all occurrences of nl.broscar to avoid conflicts.